At 9pm on this semi-cold February evening, I left my warm house after a warm dinner to come and join the assembled collective of artists, writers and getters-of-sugar-and-all-things-sustaining,

Home made cookies!

all conspiring together in Aras na MacLeinn to produce a many paged behemoth of great importance to the comic book world: The ComicSoc/ArtSoc 24 hour comic. Expecting a wholely collaborative effort, I was greeted by not one, not two or even three, but four separate stories. The workhorses of Giorgio and Matteo Franzoni,

More sketch!

Leigh Ashmore, Donal Fallon and Gerard Coady all stuck together in the warmest room of the building, burning pages and pencils like it were going out of fashion. Hanging in there keeping them all company was an assemblage of girlfriends, committee members and plain ‘ol ComicSoc members, all here to bear witness to one of the most awesome undertakings

Scribble Ahoy!

ever undertaken by a group of non-undertakers. I look around and on the splayed pages I can witness artworks containing Batman, H.P. Lovecraft, ballet dancers and Dungeons & Dragons, not to mention an elephant or two. The smell of freshly created comic books is fetid in the air. It overpowers the nostrils, in a particularly fantastical way.

Sketchy sketch sketch sketch

So why are a good portion of ComicSoc spending their night in the Aras Na MacLeinn? Why, simply to partake in one of the greatest challenges a comic book fan can be a party to: Create a 24 page comic book in 24 hours or under. For those of you who aren’t sure, here are the rules:

  1. The comic must be 24 pages long.
  2. The comic must be completed in 24 continuous hours or less.
  3. Proof-reading will also need to take place within the 24 hours.
  4. No sketches, designs or plot summaries or any other form of direct planning can precede the chosen 24-hr comic creation period.
  5. Indirect planning such as reference materials, assembling tools and refreshments are fine.
  6. Any page, no matter the size or material, is fine.
  7. The 24 hours are continuous. You can take a break, but the clock will keep on ticking.

So there you have it. 5 creators. 15 hours remaining. Go go ComicSoc Rangers….(yes I did)


See you back here for the results.
Til next time, do-gooders!

Also, this year’s Lunatic Fringe is on sale! Available now for the princely sum of €3 from the Socs Box or your local friendly neighbourhood ArtSoc member….


The Power Of The People

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So we sat down on Sunday, thinking about we wanted to make you all guys watch for our fortnightly Friday night movie showings. We had it all planned out when Dave (curse you!) decided to let YOU GUYS have a SAY! Thus, this mighty list of movies we’ve never shown was formed. Choose wisely! You may pick multiple movies, and we’ll release a schedule next Monday. You may notice some choices contain multiple movies, if those movies are voted for, we’ll do back-to-back showings. It is also likely that we will still pick a few choice selections, this will mainly be to coincide with this summer’s release schedule. Use your powers wisely!

Last Monday, actor, director, writer, debutante and all round tall guy, Shaun Leonard, took time out of his busy schedule (scraping ceilings) to drop into our weekly meeting to drop a few superhero knowledge bombs on all of us. I now profess myself as something of a no-cape zone, but found myself very pleasantly caught up in Shaun’s sheer enthusiasm for all things traditional. Admitting that not all Marvel comics are a safe bet for a good read, Shaun took us through 5 of his personal favourite Marvelisms. For those of you unable to attend last Monday, we’ve captured this list for your future reading pleasure:

Read the rest of this entry »

ComicsWEST is upon us!

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Just a reminder folks, tomorrow is ComicsWEST! So grab your brains, eyes, ears and hands, as you’ll need them all to take in some of the finest in Irish Comic Books!

The run down for the day is as follows:

Galway has yet another cultural event on the map! The NUI Galway Comic Book society has teamed up with a plethora of comic book writers, artists and shops to bring the West of Ireland its very own Comic Book event, complete with workshops, comic book reading area, film/cartoon screenings and of course…..plenty of tea and biscuits!

The main event of the day will be a comics fair, featuring stalls from artists, writers and shops from all over the country, running from 12p.m. to 6p.m. Also running at this time will be art & writing workshops, an open library area with access to the society’s comic book library AND an all day screening session of some classic underwear-over-pants cinema.

Stalls from:
SubCity Comics (
Martin Myler
Atomic Diner (
Hibernia Comics (
Stephen Kearney (The Man With No Libido/Quiet Hell Comics –
Uproar Comics (
Andrew Luke (
Paddy Brown (The Cattle Raid of Cooley –

Q&A Session with:
Maura McHugh (Atomic Diner Comics – Roisin Dubh & Jennifer Wilde) – (
Paddy Brown
Michael Carroll (Various work including 2000AD [Judge Dredd] –
Andrew Luke

The Q&A will run from 8p.m. to 10p.m. with probable drinks after (Location TBC)
Other potential interactivities for you to enjoy:
Comcs & Science presentation with our own David Burdon
Drawing class with Andy Luke
All day screenings of 90’s comics related cartoons, such as X-Men, Batman & Spiderman
Open access to the NUIG Comic Book Society Library, a comfy area in which to read and unlimited access to our tea and biscuit stash!

For more info on the above writers, we highly recommend you check out The Irish Comics Wiki (, for a comprehensive run down of each writer/artist/studios work to date

So come on down to the Bailey Allen Hall in Áras na MacLéinn from 12p.m. to 10p.m. on November 12th, and be guaranteed to gain an insight into the world of Irish Comic Books!

(Google Map:

For this weeks talk, our elder statesman, Gar O’Brien, gave part 1 of his talk on comic books you have heard of (probably – or at least should know about and get your read on of)
Final Crisis (Grant Morrisson [writer], J.G. Jones [artist] & Marco Rudy [artist])




Batman & Robin Must Die (Grant Morrisson [writer] & [various artists]) 




Swamp Thing (Alan Moore [writer] & Martin Pasko [artist])
It should be noted that various writers and artists have worked on Swamp Thing, but the particular section of the continuum being referred to here is that of Alan Moore’s writing

Animal Man (Grant Morrisson [writer], Chas Truog [artist] & Doug Hazlewood [artist])

Kingdom Come (Mark Waid [writer] & Alex Ross [artist])

At this point in our talk series we have decided to record our various members through the wonderfully unforgiving lens of a camera. Video posted soon! 

The wonderful and lovely (not SHOUTING. never SHOUTING) Matt Burke came to visit ComicSoc’s Monday meeting tonight, and schooled us all in a world of comic books (most of us) had unheard of – til now. We hope very shortly to have Matt’s mellifluous tones and accompanying presentation online for you all to see and hear, but in the mean time, here’s his list:

And now….the presentation:

James Hardiman Library – Comic Reading List

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This literally just in. Eoin Butler Thornton, being the fearless discoverer of information that is required of him, recently discovered a small amount of essential comic book reading material available in the library. Here follows a short list

Alan Moore & Dave GibbonsWatchmen, Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons:
This graphic novel is perhaps one of the most influential graphic novels of all time and the only one to make it on to the Times 100 Best Books of the 20th Century.

Link to Library Availability Page



Batman: Year One, Frank Miller & Dave Mazzuchelli:
An essential starting point for wannabe contemporary Batman Fans, follows Miller’s reinvention of a darker, more realistic Gotham. Fans of Batman Begins may see comparisons.

Link to Library Availability Page



Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Frank Miller:
Miller’s original reinvention of the Batman universe shows Batman coming out of retirement to combat new threats to Gotham.

Currently on order



A Contract With God
, Will Eisner:
Often dubbed the first graphic novel ever written, this book will never let you forget the address 55 Dropsie Avenue with its simple stories of human life in the pre-war Bronx.

Link to Library Availability Page



Blankets, Craig Thompson:
This simple story of childhood, growing up and a first love showcases a perfect synthesis between words and pictures. Highly recommended.
Also recommended reading, a review of Blankets from our former auditor, Matt Burke – LINK!

Link to Library Availability Page

Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth
, Chris Ware:
This graphic novel tells the story of a father and son and what a little courage can do to a seemingly desperate and awkward separated family.

Link to Library Availability Page


V for Vendetta, Alan Moore & David Lloyd:
This political thriller, massively different to the simplified and sanitised movie adaptation, dwells on Anarchism Vs Fascism and was a response to the Thatcherism that ruled in Britain at the time of its publishing.

Link to Library Availabilty Page






Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi:
This book is the equivalent of The Diary of Anne Frank for Tehran during the Iran-Iraq War. Only Book 1 is available.

Link to Library Availability Page



One Bad Rat
, Bryan Talbot:
A young girl runs away from home and follows the path of her favourite author, Beatrix Potter.

Link to Library Availability Page



Logicomix: An Epic
Search For Truth, Apostolos Doxiadis & Christos Papdimitriou & Alecos Papadatos:
This graphic novel focuses on Bertrand Russel and the struggle for the so-called ‘’foundational quest’’ in Mathematics.

Link to Library Availability Page


Jar Of Fools, Jason Lutes:
This is the story of a down-and-out magician who struggles to get his life back on track after the drowning of his escapist brother.

Link to Library Availability Page



Ghost World
, Daniel Clowes:
What happens when a friendship becomes so close, exclusive and insular that those involved start shutting themselves off from everyone else?

Link to Library Availability Page


Sin City: Chapter IV – That Yellow Bastard
, Frank Miller:
It is what you think it is.

Link to Library Availability Page




Hard Boiled, Frank Miller & Geoff Darrow:
Think Blade Runner, but on lotsa lotsa steroids.

Link to Library Availability Page 




Also, some great books on Comic Books:

Comics And Sequential Art, Will Eisner. – Library Location

Understanding Comics, The Invisible Art – Library Location
Making Comics – Library Location
Reinventing ComicsLibrary Location
All by Scott McCloud.

This has been brought to you, the reader, as part of a new continuing series of reading lists. Personally, I’m running out to grab Hard Boiled first, just one of you try and stop me!

ENTER: ComicSoc 2.0

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To all you fine you academics that deigned themselves fit to join our fine society (and since it wasn’t mentioned here previously, winner of Best New Society at the BICS awards earlier this year – done!) earlier today…….we the committee bid you welcome. We are currently in the planning process of deciding exactly what dirty nerdy path we’re about to lead you all down along, but our first event (LINK!) happening next Monday, is partly for you, to come along and tell us what you’ld like to see. The comic book medium, both print and web, is absolutely massive and sprawling, and we always welcome hearing from you guys where exactly you’ld like to be brought on this, the colourful, speech-bubbly train of awesomeness. This is sometimes referred to as an E.G.M. by the more serious societies.

Moving swiftly on from all this talk of planning and serious discussion, we will be having a discussion on WebComics – what we love, what we hate, what mildly interests us, where the webcomic phenomenon came from….you know, intelligent things! We invite you all to bring whatever it is you might like about the WebComic medium to the table, whether its a comic about bunnies or xenophobic aliens from the planet Zog. There’s a lot out there, and between us here at ComicSoc HQ (a secret dank yet technologically astounding place deep underground in Connemara) we know we only scrape the iceberg. INFORM US PUBLIC!

See you all there, and thanks again for joining 😉

P.S. For those of you who don’t know what a WebComic is…have a few links on us
Questionable Content
Lets Be Friends Again
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Further Good News

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Comicsoc will be continuing throughout the summer, organising screenings and groups to go see the newest comic book adaptations such as Thor, Green Lantern and Captain America.


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