Socs Day, 14th Sept 2010: in review

Posted: September 14, 2010 by comicbooksociety in Uncategorized

well, that was a fun day.

we laughed, we cried, some of us got comic soc tattoos, some even wore spiderman undies… evidence you ask?

check the image on the left if you don’t believe me.

the day was awesome, i’m knackered tired. we got approx 215 signups … and not just cuz we had beautiful girls at our table all day; thanks again to kori, eimear, lee, helen, shannon, claudia, eilish, grainne, aileen who sat near us, and hooper’s friend… and the boys: nick, hooper, shaun, erm, any other boys?

it’s all so exciting!!

Gar, our illustrious Secretary (and might i say he makes a gorgeous secretary), you should look forward to tomorrow’s EGM/Intro meeting, it’s going to full of eager eager people…

sorry, do you want more photos of the table today? but of course! here you go, a link to the gallery on facebook: click here!


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