Webcomics Galore

Posted: January 16, 2011 by comicbooksociety in Uncategorized
Clare Killeen suggested a few webcomics for youse to peruse:
(guy who owns topatoco.com (sells nerdy tshirts for drmcninja and loads of other webcomics) writes a highly fictionalised account of his day to day life)
( follows a group of peopleliving in brooklyn)
(Swedish comic about relationship between 2 people..can be funny and sad. 3 year story arc just finished over summer. Must be read from the beginning, don’t scroll down!)
(joke in 3 panels, not a frequent updater.)
(can actually be really funny sometimes. He uses victorian drawings and sticks them together with weird dialogue)
(recently he seems to be drawing these on paper, not sure what’s going on..From the beginning they can be kinda funny in a deadpan way..)
and here’s something rare, an online graphic novel:
click on “Read Now” for the first chapter, tis quite beautiful.

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