ENTER: ComicSoc 2.0

Posted: September 15, 2011 by comicbooksociety in Uncategorized

To all you fine you academics that deigned themselves fit to join our fine society (and since it wasn’t mentioned here previously, winner of Best New Society at the BICS awards earlier this year – done!) earlier today…….we the committee bid you welcome. We are currently in the planning process of deciding exactly what dirty nerdy path we’re about to lead you all down along, but our first event (LINK!) happening next Monday, is partly for you, to come along and tell us what you’ld like to see. The comic book medium, both print and web, is absolutely massive and sprawling, and we always welcome hearing from you guys where exactly you’ld like to be brought on this, the colourful, speech-bubbly train of awesomeness. This is sometimes referred to as an E.G.M. by the more serious societies.

Moving swiftly on from all this talk of planning and serious discussion, we will be having a discussion on WebComics – what we love, what we hate, what mildly interests us, where the webcomic phenomenon came from….you know, intelligent things! We invite you all to bring whatever it is you might like about the WebComic medium to the table, whether its a comic about bunnies or xenophobic aliens from the planet Zog. There’s a lot out there, and between us here at ComicSoc HQ (a secret dank yet technologically astounding place deep underground in Connemara) we know we only scrape the iceberg. INFORM US PUBLIC!

See you all there, and thanks again for joining 😉

P.S. For those of you who don’t know what a WebComic is…have a few links on us
Questionable Content
Lets Be Friends Again
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal


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