About Us

Now in our second year, its onward and upward. Join us!
We host regular meeting in the Art Room of the Bailey Allen Hall every Monday night from 8p.m. to 10p.m.
In conjunction with the NUI Galway Art Society, we hold regular drawing classes on a Wednesday from 7.30p.m. to 9.30p.m. – these classes go toward creating the magazine Lunatic Fringe (more info if you attend the classes)
We are also currently looking for non-artists to join the production team of Lunatic Fringe. Please drop down to Podge at the classes or contact the ComicSoc if you’re interested.
We also hold a bi-weekly Friday event, watching movies, TV shows or playing something suitably nerdy on some type of gaming console. Follow the important link below to get the emails telling you when.

Also, this November, we shall be hosting our first extravaganza! Stay tuned for more details…

Join us here on facebook:
NUIG ComicBook Society

If you’re an NUI Galway student then check out the vital information on the IMPORTANT! page for information on how to receive our regular emails.

The full committee:

Position Name
Auditor Colm McElligott
Vice-Auditor David Burdon
Treasurer Conor Keville
Secretary Leigh Ashmore
Darkman Gearoid O’Brien
Events Officer Iosac Gallagher
Founding Father Jonathan O’Rourke
Gonzo Man Graham Keane
Lackey Liam King
Lackey Jason Browne
Lackey Brian O’Brien
Webhead Shane Malone
PRO Eoin Butler Thornton
Societies Liaison Conor Hooper

Contact us at: comicbook@socs.nuigalway.ie


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