Gar O’Briens Top 5 DC Comics you should read

And now, a short list from one of our founding members. Gar O’Brien, gave part 1 of his talk on comic books you have heard of (probably – or at least should know about and get your read on of) back in October 2011 – a continuing series all of you out there should hound him until he continues….

Final Crisis (Grant Morrisson [writer], J.G. Jones [artist] & Marco Rudy [artist])

Batman & Robin Must Die (Grant Morrisson [writer] & [various artists])

Swamp Thing (Alan Moore [writer] & Martin Pasko [artist])
It should be noted that various writers and artists have worked on Swamp Thing, but the particular section of the continuum being referred to here is that of Alan Moore’s writing

Animal Man (Grant Morrisson [writer], Chas Truog [artist] & Doug Hazlewood [artist])

Kingdom Come (Mark Waid [writer] & Alex Ross [artist])


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