Shaun Leonard’s Favourite Marvel Stories

On Monday, January 16th 2012, actor, director, writer, debutante and all round tall guy, Shaun Leonard, took time out of his busy schedule (scraping ceilings) to drop into our weekly meeting to drop a few superhero knowledge bombs on all of us. I now profess myself as something of a no-cape zone, but found myself very pleasantly caught up in Shaun’s sheer enthusiasm for all things traditional. Admitting that not all Marvel comics are a safe bet for a good read, Shaun took us through 5 of his personal favourite Marvelisms. For those of you unable to attend, we’ve captured this list for your future reading pleasure:

  •  Elektra: Dark ReignI know what you guys are thinking….that’s the character that they based that god-awful movie with yer one from Alias init? Correct.  BUT! This particular comic with this character….is worth reading!
  •  Avengers Academy/ Secret WarriorsNew characters?  Done well? In the Marvel universe? Well I never….
  •  DeadpoolWade Wilson – “The Merc With The Mouth” – Good guy? Maybe. Bad guy? Potentially? Out for a laugh and a bit of exercise? Definitely.
  •  The Ultimate UniverseThe ‘Ultimate’ universe was a Marvel project designed to bring some of their characters into a more modern timeframe, updating their origin stories and in general, making the selected lines that would be contained in the Ultimate universe a tad more relevant to today. It was intended to attract new readers, but it has gone down well with established fans. And is a damn exciting read!
  •  Amazing SpidermanThis would be the series that the new Spiderman movie (coming this year) is based on. And according to the good Mr. Leonard there’s a damn good reason why.

So there you have it. 5 top Marvel series/books. As a now-converted Marveler, I’m going to hit the guys at SubCity up for a few of these. We still have some of the 10% discount cards they kindly gave us, so if you’ld like to avail of the wonderful bond we have with the guys, don’t hesistate to ask for one at our weekly Monday meetings.

– Shane


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