Web Comics Reading List

For our opening event in September 2011, we had a little discussion on webcomics, listing some of our favourites and asking for input from the fine body populace of ComicSoc. This is what we came up with:

  •  XKCD
    A comic about science, nerds, romance and movies. And occasionaly science.
  •  Cyanide & Happiness
    Awkwardness, black humour, blood and stick figures. With a sly dash of oneupmanship. Win.
  •  Penny Arcade
    Two nerds (Gabe & Tycho) deal with whats it like to be a computer games nerd. Hilarity ensues. Watch out for the special guests characters, they usually spell doom.
    Based around one nerd (Ethan) and his friends and wife as they make their merry way through life. Look out for the stories where Ethan gets dragged off in space adventures.
  •  FreakAngels
    This blogger’s favourite writer, Warren Ellis, collaborating with Paul Duffield, brings us a might fine piece of comic book work, all for free. The story centres around 12 20-somethings piecing their lives and homes back together after an apocalyptic event flooded a large portion of the world.
  •  Questionable Content
    Marten, the music nerd, attempts to get a grip on life. And fails. But he’s not alone. All his friends are right in there with him. A personal favourite.
  •  Space Avalanche
    A rather entertaining Irish-drawn webcomic. Very fun, featuring random topics every time.
  •  Diesel Sweeties
    Created in 2000, and syndicated in newspapers from 2007-2008. This work depicts a world where sentient robots/machines are part of society, and date humans. Hilarity and drama ensue.
  •  Dr. McNinja
    Features a doctor. Who is also a ninja. Excellent (Wayne’s World joyous music que)!
  •  Axe Cop
    Brothers Malachi (age 7) and Ethan (age 31) write and draw (respectively) the finest cop drama you’ve never seen.
  • Nedroid Picture Diary
    Nedroid is a computer program designed explicitly for the purpose of drawing gross and explicit comics. Makes some pretty neat stuff…
  •  Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
    At heart, this comic draws mainly on its writers geek heritage. But they’re not afraid to get real! Features many topical issues in humorous lighting. Me like lights…
  •  A Softer World
    Sometimes, A Softer World doesn’t make much sense. But its the sense you make of it yourself that makes it worthwhile.

  • Simon’s Cat
    The adventures of poor, trodden on Simon as he attempts to care for his care. Who’s a cat, and is by nature a bastard.

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